Lean Black Belt Six Sigma Courses

International Lean Black Belt Certification

This Lean course requires 2 non-consecutive weeks, full time.


Our course fee includes: training, project and certification

Six Sigma Lean Black Belt
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses are conducted at our training venues around Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. We supply public classes, or bespoke courses for companies that require Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses in anywhere in South Africa or on the continent of Africa. Why wait? Get certified with our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification programs which are recognised world-wide.

Six Sigma course advisors are trained to help with questions you might have, and are able to provide information about our special offers and all our available training programs. They are contactable on international number +27(0)21 426 5300.


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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course Contents

The DMAIC Six Sigma Black Belt course provides you with knowledge of the philosophies and principles of Six Sigma. It is a tool that helps you to exhibit teams (leadership, dynamics, responsibilities and roles). The Black Belt provides you with complete understanding of the DMAIC model in according with the Six Sigma principles.

Who Should Attend?

Process Engineers and Managers

Quality Engineers and Managers

Manufacturing/Production Engineers and Managers etc.


Course Duration

10 non-consecutive days (full time). On each Friday, you write an exam that you need to pass before you can complete the project., 80 hours training, 4 hours for exam, 60 hours for their project work and home study (10 hours per month for 6 months)

Project durations

Maximum of 6 Months

Total Cost

R37 995 per person




Pre-reading, Project and Portfolio of evidences to complete. Consultation with each delegate for 3-6 hours after the course (via phone or email)


Green Belt training and a Strong Statistical Background

  A note about Minitab and Companion - Read here


IASSC Accredited Training Provider:

The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) is a Professional Association dedicated to growing and enhancing the standards within the Lean Six Sigma Community. IASSC Accreditation does not constitute its' approval or recognition of our own lean six sigma certification program. The only method to earn an IASSC certification is to successfully sit for and pass an official IASSC certification exam. We only upon request administer or provide access to IASSC Certification exams at an additional cost (available on request - subject to fluctuation and currency).


Course Outline

Week 1 Week 2
Green Belt Review and Exercises
Central Limit Theory
Project Presentations
Advanced MSA
Advanced Capability
Project Presentations
Multiple Regression
Nested Anova
DOE Planning
Project Presentations
Randomized Block Design
Full Factorials
Project Planning

Project Review & Support
Week 1 Review
Factorial Designs
Fractional Factorial Designs
General Factorial Designs
Sample Size
Project Reviews
Optimization Designs
Multiple Responses
Change Management
Control Methods
Final Reviews
Industry Specific Certification Requirements
Lean Design
Lean Office overview
Lean Finance Overview
Lean Supply Chain overview
Lean hospitals
Construct a Value Stream
Apply all lean process steps for minimum two operational steps
Create Continuous Flow between two operations
Application of all lean components during problem solving

IASSC Accredited Training Provider:  The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) is a Professional Association dedicated to growing and enhancing the standards within the Lean Six Sigma Community.


MICT SETA Accreditation: 2007/01/215
Unit Standard: 243816 | Developing a project quality management plan for a simple to moderately complex project | Level 5

Client Testimonials

  • I just wanted to let you know that I have never enjoyed working with data as much as I do now - I just never imagined it could be this much fun!

    I'm making really good progress with my project and I'm fully hands on which is making it all that much more useful. In fact, I'm understanding our business in a whole new way and what I'm uncovering along the way is guiding and influencing the way I take decisions. It's all thanks to YOU - you have made data fun and interesting and really useful.


  • I started working on the project and I am enjoying it very much! Others in the Company are also enjoying it which is making it even more exciting.

    Thanks again for all your help and guidance. I could not have asked for a better Black Belt training experience.





  • Thanks to you and the entire 2ko team for the excellent service and support during the duration of the program, it is greatly appreciated and I cannot express my gratitude.





  • Thanks for also making the sessions interactive and value adding. Your passion for the subject makes your candidates passionate as well.






  • I’m delighted to qualify for this certification and I must acknowledge this is mostly down to the inspiration you instilled in me during the training. This is much appreciated and I would certainly pursue the Black Belt certification in due course.



  • These 2 weeks of training have honestly been more useful than the time it takes to complete a degree. I was very impressed by Johan's command of six sigma and lean. I have learnt alot and the examples that he used throughout the training made it much easier for me to grasp key concepts.