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Six Sigma SA is a subsidiary of 2KO International, conducting instructor led Six Sigma training and certification for blue chip companies in Buffalo City and other major cities in South Africa. We supply full time Lean training classes in Buffalo City towards Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certification. Six Sigma course advisors are available to answer questions and provide pre-sales support for all levels of Six Sigma training. Our consultants can be contacted by email or on phone number +27 426 5300. If you are based in or near Buffalo City, and need Six Sigma training, you ought to consider enrolling in one of our short courses. The yellow belt course is a two day course for beginners, the green belt course is a five day course for mid level professionals and the black belt course is for experts in the field. The black belt course runs for 10 days, with 2 x 5-day courses spaced a little apart. Our Six Sigma courses are geared towards international certification. You can learn by means of face to face instructor led classes, online virtual courses with as live instructor, or full online, self paces elearning. Join a Buffalo City course today.

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